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Championship Standings Through 7/21/2019

The title inches just a bit closer toward Brad Sweet this week, because time is starting to run out. However, Donny Schatz earned a win this weekend, moving him closer to the title. Sheldon Haudenschild moved up four spots / Aaron Reutzel moved down four spots.

1Brad Sweet100.0002Donny Schatz98.9073Lance Dewease97.3874David Gravel96.7445Daryn Pittman94.3026Logan Schuchart92.3467Kyle Larson88.6378Shane Stewart88.4779Carson Macedo87.41910Ian Madsen86.09311Giovanni Scelzi85.23312Christopher Bell84.04013Ryan Smith82.38714Sheldon Haudenschild81.97415Kerry Madsen81.77916Aaron Reutzel81.53617Brent Marks80.69818Tim Shaffer80.47119

Championship Standings Through 7/10/2019

Will Donny Schatz make a rally? It usually happens in July and August. Well, now is as good a time as any!!

1Brad Sweet100.0002Lance Dewease98.6413Donny Schatz98.1624David Gravel95.8655Daryn Pittman95.6496Logan Schuchart91.3847Kyle Larson91.0258Shane Stewart89.6349Carson Macedo87.87910Ian Madsen87.13511Giovanni Scelzi86.65112Aaron Reutzel85.88513Christopher Bell85.48214Ryan Smith83.81715Tim Shaffer83.46016Kerry Madsen83.26017Lucas Wolfe82.43318Sheldon Haudenschild82.29019James McFadden81.72220Dale Blaney81.63921Brent Marks79.83822Tim Kaeding