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Championship Standings Through 6/30/2019

Results from the weekend deliver a new second place driver!! Brad Sweet begins to extend his lead as well.

1Brad Sweet100.0002Lance Dewease97.5763Donny Schatz97.4414Daryn Pittman95.7355David Gravel95.0596Logan Schuchart90.7467Kyle Larson90.2988Shane Stewart89.0979Carson Macedo87.21710Ian Madsen86.82411Giovanni Scelzi85.72712Aaron Reutzel85.15113Christopher Bell84.55414Tim Shaffer83.19315Freddie Rahmer83.01616Ryan Smith82.88017Lucas Wolfe81.62118Kerry Madsen81.60019Dale Blaney81.05320Sheldon Haudenschild80.77221James McFadden80.73722

Championship Standings Through 6/27/2019

It's certainly interesting at the top, isn't it??
1Brad Sweet100.000 2Donny Schatz99.969 3Lance Dewease97.871 4Daryn Pittman97.323 5David Gravel96.554 6Kyle Larson93.616 7Logan Schuchart91.998 8Shane Stewart89.903 9Giovanni Scelzi89.052 10Carson Macedo88.839 11Ian Madsen87.307 12Aaron Reutzel87.168 13Christopher Bell87.159 14Kerry Madsen85.709 15Tim Shaffer85.574 16Freddie Rahmer85.343 17Ryan Smith84.121 18Lucas Wolfe84.004 19James McFadden83.537 20Sheldon Haudenschild82.729 21Dale Blaney82.290 22

Championship Standings Through 6/16/2019

Brad Sweet has the lead in mid-June ... the standings are getting more and more interesting, don't you think??
Here's a couple of quick facts for you. If the following driver had participated in all World of Outlaws races, where would they reside in WoO standings (based on my point structure)? 5th = Kyle Larson.7th = Lance Dewease.13th = James McFadden.15th = Christopher Bell.

Current Standings Through June 16, 2019
1Brad Sweet100.0002Donny Schatz98.3333Lance Dewease97.8824Daryn Pittman95.7675David Gravel95.3006Kyle Larson94.8917Logan Schuchart92.2208Shane Stewart89.8879Carson Macedo88.08610Giovanni Scelzi87.20211Ian Madsen86.66712Aaron Reutzel85.23013Christopher Bell85.20014Kerry Madsen84.66715James McFadden84.06816Tim Shaffer83.48117Freddie Rahmer83.46518Ryan Smith83.37919Lucas Wolfe82.195

Championship Standings Through 6/10/2019

Our Leader might drop out of the standings over the next few weeks as the 10% race threshold fails to be met. Until then, it is a commanding lead at this point. Also notice that Donny Schatz finished 24th on Saturday night, dropping him out of 2nd place.
1Lance Dewease100.0002Brad Sweet87.1793Donny Schatz86.4654David Gravel82.8575Daryn Pittman82.6796Kyle Larson80.6977Logan Schuchart79.2248Shane Stewart76.9029Carson Macedo75.31210Kerry Madsen74.84311Giovanni Scelzi74.66812Ian Madsen74.46513Aaron Reutzel73.80714James McFadden72.88715Mark Smith72.65016Christopher Bell72.42717Freddie Rahmer71.75018Ryan Smith71.34619Chad Trout70.89020Tony Stewart70.81221Tim Shaffer70.390

Championship Standings Through 6/4/2019

A Kyle Larson win has him up to 6th place in our championship standings!

1Lance Dewease100.0002Donny Schatz88.5683Brad Sweet87.3374Daryn Pittman83.5685David Gravel83.0296Kyle Larson80.9637Logan Schuchart78.9048Shane Stewart77.8019Ryan Smith77.62210Tony Stewart77.49911Carson Macedo76.09812Aaron Reutzel75.53713Ian Madsen75.41414Giovanni Scelzi74.83915Kerry Madsen74.57116Mark Smith73.48617Christopher Bell72.79518Freddie Rahmer71.75019Chad Trout70.99420Lucas Wolfe70.96821Tim Shaffer70.61522