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Championship Standings Through 5/27/2019

Got a few races in this weekend, and our standings are beginning to take shape. FYI - a driver is now required to participate in approximately 10% of races to qualify for our title. 

1Lance Dewease100.0002Donny Schatz88.2893Brad Sweet86.4634Daryn Pittman85.2455David Gravel83.8546Logan Schuchart79.3087Kyle Larson78.7888Aaron Reutzel77.9819Shane Stewart77.69310Ryan Smith77.65811Tony Stewart76.78012Carson Macedo75.89713Ian Madsen75.85414Giovanni Scelzi75.08415Tim Kaeding74.87316Mark Smith74.78917Christopher Bell72.99618Kerry Madsen72.46619Freddie Rahmer71.75020Lucas Wolfe71.36421Carson Short71.028

Championship Standings Through 5/20/2019

Someday the rain or threat of rain will end, and we'll have more races to populate our standings. Until then our results are biased by World of Outlaws events in Pennsylvania, as you'll notice when you look at the top of the standings.
1Lance Dewease100.0002Donny Schatz89.2663Brad Sweet88.3194Logan Wagner87.2105Daryn Pittman86.7406David Gravel85.6877Aaron Reutzel79.6858Logan Schuchart79.5209Shane Stewart78.70110Alan Krimes77.91811Ryan Smith77.59112Tony Stewart77.30713Carson Macedo77.15814Ian Madsen76.63515Christopher Bell76.53416Travis Rilat75.57817Mark Smith75.45818Tim Kaeding75.12219Kyle Larson74.76120Chase Dietz73.91821Lucas Wolfe73.31822

Championship Standings Through 5/15/2019

Maybe the rain will hold off and we'll have a big weekend of results?? Meanwhile, we have 21 All Star and World of Outlaws races in the books. Summer is coming, and Donny Schatz is getting ready to make his run at first place in our standings.

1Lance Dewease100.0002Donny Schatz96.2463Brad Sweet95.9334Daryn Pittman94.3085Logan Wagner92.0006David Gravel90.8087Logan Schuchart87.0888Carson Macedo86.7259Aaron Reutzel86.69110Tony Stewart84.06711Shane Stewart83.93112Christopher Bell83.74813Ian Madsen83.05814Travis Rilat82.55015Tim Kaeding82.48916Mark Smith82.24917Kyle Larson81.97318Tim Shaffer80.92219Freddie Rahmer80.00020Lucas Wolfe79.01821Sheldon Haudenschild78.614