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Championship Standings Through 4/15/2019

Small sample sizes are causing interesting outcomes, to this point. Remember, it's only mid-April, and as more races are run, the standings will settle down and appear consistent.
1Lance Dewease100.0002Daryn Pittman93.7113Brad Sweet93.1394Donny Schatz92.3545Logan Wagner92.0006David Gravel86.6397Aaron Reutzel84.7178Logan Schuchart83.9129Carson Macedo82.83010Tony Stewart82.51211Mark Smith80.85312Shane Stewart80.79513Carson Short80.18614Freddie Rahmer80.00015Ian Madsen79.56816Travis Rilat79.53617Kyle Larson79.38618Tim Shaffer78.74919Christopher Bell78.47920Cory Eliason78.25021Steve Buckwalter78.00022

Championship Standings Through 4/7/2019

Next week the season starts to ramp-up ... in the meantime we have a very competitive battle at the top of the standings, with Brad Sweet, Daryn Pittman, and Donny Schatz all essentially tied for first place.

1Brad Sweet100.0002Daryn Pittman99.9233Donny Schatz99.0004David Gravel93.4625Aaron Reutzel91.1186Tony Stewart90.1877Logan Schuchart89.0928Carson Macedo88.9779Tim Shaffer87.38310Shane Stewart87.15511Mark Smith86.49112Ian Madsen86.30813Carson Short85.82414Kyle Larson85.42815Sheldon Haudenschild85.31016Cory Eliason85.19517Christopher Bell84.47718Lucas Wolfe

Championship Standings Through 4/1/2019

A weekend in Arizona is all that separates us from a return to the East and the beginning of Spring Sprint Car Racing!!
1Daryn Pittman100.0002Donny Schatz98.0003Brad Sweet97.8184David Gravel90.3645Aaron Reutzel88.6006Carson Macedo88.5237Logan Schuchart87.8038Tony Stewart87.7559Shane Stewart86.16010Tim Shaffer84.87511Mark Smith84.08212Carson Short83.41513Kyle Larson82.95314Ian Madsen82.72715Cory Eliason82.67716Sheldon Haudenschild82.60017Christopher Bell82.00618Lucas Wolfe81.23219Tim Kaeding80.88720Paul McMahan79.25321Rico Abreu77.34222D