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2019 Championship Standings Through 3/19/2019

We're about half-way through the West Coast Swing ... and the talent continues to bubble-up to the top of the standings.
1Daryn Pittman100.0 2Brad Sweet97.2 3Donny Schatz97.2 4David Gravel87.4 5Logan Schuchart87.0 6Tony Stewart85.5 7Tim Shaffer85.3 8Aaron Reutzel85.3 9Carson Macedo85.1 10Shane Stewart82.7 11Ian Madsen81.9 12Mark Smith81.8 13Carson Short81.2 14Kyle Larson80.8 15Tim Kaeding80.0 16Christopher Bell79.8 17Cory Eliason79.6 18Lucas Wolfe79.0 19Sheldon Haudenschild78.2 20DJ Netto77.7 21Paul McMahan77.0 22Rico Abreu

2019 Championship Standings Through 3/13/2019

The standings are beginning to take shape ... once we head to the midwest in mid-April, we should have an idea who the likely top five contenders are.
1Daryn Pittman100.0 2Donny Schatz94.1 3Brad Sweet91.6 4David Gravel87.0 5Tim Shaffer84.9 6Tony Stewart81.9 7Bud Kaeding81.6 8Logan Schuchart80.2 9Aaron Reutzel80.0 10Shane Stewart79.5 11Giovanni Scelzi78.1 12Mark Smith78.0 13Carson Macedo77.8 14Kyle Larson77.3 15Carson Short77.3 16Ian Madsen76.4 17Christopher Bell76.4 18Cory Eliason76.2 19Sheldon Haudenschild75.8 20Lucas Wolfe75.4 21Tim Kaeding75.1 22Paul McMahan73.5 23

2019 Championship Standings Through 3/5/2019

The top of the standings are starting to look awfully familiar!

1Daryn Pittman100.0 2Donny Schatz96.0 3Brad Sweet91.0 4David Gravel88.3 5Giovanni Scelzi87.6 6Tim Shaffer83.9 7Logan Schuchart81.8 8Tony Stewart81.7 9Tim Kaeding81.1 10Aaron Reutzel79.3 11Shane Stewart78.1 12Mark Smith77.7 13Kyle Larson77.4 14Carson Short77.0 15Carson Macedo76.6 16Christopher Bell76.5 17Lucas Wolfe75.3 18Cory Eliason74.5 19Paul McMahan73.4 20Sheldon Haudenschild73.1 21Ian Madsen71.7 22Jason Sides70.7 23