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2019 Championship Standings Through 2/11/2019

We've got a few races under our belts now, so the standings are slowly starting to make sense.
RANKDRIVERRATING1Daryn Pittman100.0 2Brad Sweet92.3 3David Gravel90.8 4Donny Schatz90.8 5Christopher Bell81.3 6Tim Shaffer80.5 7Tony Stewart79.6 8Aaron Reutzel79.2 9Logan Schuchart77.510Shane Stewart77.3 11Mark Smith75.5 12Carson Short74.8 13Brian Brown74.8 14Carson Macedo73.9 15Lucas Wolfe73.2 16Paul McMahan72.8 17Sheldon Haudenschild70.9 18Parker Price-Miller70.3 19Cory Eliason69.4 20Jason Sides68.2 21Ian Madsen

2019 Championship Standings Through 2/2/2019

We're three races in!!
I made a slight change to the points structure ... awarding B-Main drivers 35 points, C-Main drivers 30 points, and D-Main drivers 25 points. Then the Least Squares Means process tabulates points for races drivers didn't participate in, yielding our champion.
Here's the way the Championship looks.
Tim Shaffer100.00Chad Kemenah95.10Cory Eliason94.10Tony Stewart92.00Mark Smith89.33Carson Short88.67Aaron Reutzel88.10Brock Zearfoss85.33Sheldon Haudenschild85.10Lucas Wolfe85.00Paul McMahan81.33Shane Stewart79.00Logan Schuchart77.33Cale Conley75.33Carson Macedo75.10Josh Baughman73.10Danny Dietrich72.00Shane Golobic70.67Jacob Allen69.67John Garvin67.10Danny Smith65.33Spencer Bayston62.60Bradley Howard61.00Anthony Fiore58.33George Hobaugh Jr.58.33Jim Shuster55.00Gary Krie