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KPIs Through Sepember 27

I didn't think I'd do this and two of the top eighteen drivers would no longer be with us.
PositionDriver                                          KPI1Donny Schatz0.0002Kyle Larson-9.9193Lance Dewease-16.3734Brad Sweet-17.9925Freddie Rahmer-34.5126David Gravel-37.0627Daryn Pittman-39.5268Jason Johnson-40.4839Kerry Madsen-40.80410Carson Macedo-40.96011Aaron Reutzel-41.54312Christopher Bell-42.38013Andy Forsberg-42.99914Tim Kaeding-43.36115Tim Shaffer-43.36916Sheldon Haudenschild-46.25517Logan Schuchart-46.53818Greg Hodnett-46.99419Jason Meyers-47.69120Shane Stewart-47.82521Brian Brown-53.087

KPIs Through September 16

Here we go, friends! Not a lot of change among the top competitors. The World of Outlaws ends their five-week trip west, and heads east to wrap up the season. Only two All Stars races left.
PositionDriver                 KPI1Donny Schatz0.0002Kyle Larson-10.7813Lance Dewease-17.2454Brad Sweet-19.3785Freddie Rahmer-35.3826David Gravel-37.5007Daryn Pittman-39.7668Carson Macedo-40.6489Jason Johnson-41.38010Kerry Madsen-41.70511Christopher Bell-43.27612Aaron Reutzel-43.51513Andy Forsberg-43.86114Tim Shaffer-44.20615Tim Kaeding-44.24416Sheldon Haudenschild-46.76217Greg Hodnett-47.88018Shane Stewart-48.12819Logan Schuchart-48.50920Jason Meyers-48.63221Brian Brown-53.688

KPIs Through September 9

All it took was a bad weekend for all WoO drivers in California coupled with a Freddie Rahmer win in the All Stars to shake up the standings a bit. Freddie Rahmer moves from 11th place to 6th place ... that's what happens when you keep on winning. Tim Kaeding moves up five spots after a nice weekend in California.
PositionDriver                 KPI1Donny Schatz0.0002Kyle Larson-12.4933Lance Dewease-19.0914Brad Sweet-21.4445David Gravel-37.7316Freddie Rahmer-39.0237Daryn Pittman-42.3928Jason Johnson-42.9619Carson Macedo-43.15810Kerry Madsen-43.37111Aaron Reutzel-44.62612Christopher Bell-45.02913Tim Shaffer-45.88114Tim Kaeding-46.66115Sheldon Haudenschild-48.63216Greg Hodnett-49.05217Shane Stewart-49.09918Jason Meyers-50.20019Logan Schuchart-51.32720Danny Dietrich-55.54421Brian Brown

KPIs Through September 6

The top of the "Great 48" has largely been decided, but as mentioned previously there are many great battles in the 6th-17th positions.
PositionDriver                   KPI1Donny Schatz0.0002Kyle Larson-14.7863Lance Dewease-19.1844Brad Sweet-24.2935David Gravel-38.7576Daryn Pittman-43.8497Carson Macedo-45.0308Jason Johnson-45.0609Kerry Madsen-45.57210Aaron Reutzel-46.65411Freddie Rahmer-46.96112Christopher Bell-47.40813Tim Shaffer-49.07014Sheldon Haudenschild-50.10315Greg Hodnett-50.29416Shane Stewart-51.24217Logan Schuchart-52.57218Jason Meyers-52.82419Tim Kaeding-57.86420Danny Dietrich-57.92821Chad Kemenah-58.019