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KPIs Through August 28

A bumpy All-Stars weekend for Kyle Larson leaves Donny Schatz in total command of our standings. Here are the Great 48 ... 7th - 12th remains highly competitive, and look at who moved into 10th place!
PositionDriver                 KPI1Donny Schatz0.0002Kyle Larson-12.0563Lance Dewease-18.4424Brad Sweet-21.6125David Gravel-37.2676Jason Johnson-44.2817Aaron Reutzel-44.4348Daryn Pittman-44.7969Kerry Madsen-44.80810Freddie Rahmer-46.17511Carson Macedo-46.34512Christopher Bell-46.65113Greg Hodnett-49.50514Sheldon Haudenschild-50.70715Shane Stewart-51.06716Tim Shaffer-51.91317Jason Meyers-52.09918Logan Schuchart-52.26819

KPIs After 8/19/2018

Two more wins for Donny Schatz ... he's not going to be caught this season, is he? The top five in the standings are pretty firm now, with a great battle from 7th to 12th.
PositionDriver                    KPI1Donny Schatz0.000 2Kyle Larson-6.7493Lance Dewease-11.1964Brad Sweet-23.1235David Gravel-36.7726Jason Johnson-44.9327Kerry Madsen-45.5118Aaron Reutzel-46.2919Daryn Pittman-46.81510Carson Macedo-47.31511Christopher Bell-47.57712Greg Hodnett-47.98313Sheldon Haudenschild-50.32214Shane Stewart-51.10515Tim Shaffer-51.82116Jason Meyers-52.81117Logan Schuchart-52.85418Freddie Rahmer-53.42719Chad Kemenah-55.55620Danny

KPIs After the Knoxville Nationals

It'll be close to impossible for anybody to catch Donny Schatz now. Brad Sweet earns a big payday, and we're now headed toward the end of another fun racing season. There are still plenty of good battles between 7th and 48th place - that whole area is still up for grabs.
PositionDriver                                         KPI1Donny Schatz0.0002Kyle Larson-4.7283Lance Dewease-9.4644Brad Sweet-19.4465David Gravel-33.3566Jason Johnson-42.8347Aaron Reutzel-43.3878Kerry Madsen-44.3209Daryn Pittman-44.50810Carson Macedo-44.53611Christopher Bell-45.68712Greg Hodnett-46.21913Sheldon Haudenschild-47.41614Shane Stewart-48.72015Tim Shaffer-49.75216Logan Schuchart-50.14517Jason Meyers-50.78818Freddie Rahmer-51.84619Chad Kemenah-52.98620Danny Dietrich-54.07721Andrew Palker

KPIs Through Knoxville Nationals Thursday Night

Very little movement in the Great 48 ... Saturday should be fun!!

PositionDriver                 KPI1Donny Schatz0.0002Kyle Larson-3.7173Lance Dewease -8.5604Brad Sweet-20.8605David Gravel             -32.6496Jason Johnson-42.4347Kerry Madsen-42.8268Carson Macedo-43.0209Aaron Reutzel-43.04610Daryn Pittman-43.84411Christopher Bell-44.87012Greg Hodnett-45.02813Sheldon Haudenschild-46.32414Shane Stewart-48.38015Tim Shaffer-49.00316Jason Meyers-50.45017Freddie Rahmer-50.94118Danny Dietrich-52.14519Logan Schuchart-52.19220Chad Kemenah-52.49021Andrew Palker-53.79922

KPIs Through 8/6

I decided to include Capitani/Oskaloosa/Mansfield races this week/weekend ... and that decision gave Kyle Larson an opportunity to close in on Donny Schatz for the lead. If Larson can win the Nationals this weekend and if Schatz records a sub-par finish, we may have a new leader in the race for the National Championship!!!
We're on to the biggest four days of the Sprint Car season. Wednesday / Thursday / Both A-Mains on Friday and Saturday's events all count toward the championship. It's likely we'll crown the champion this weekend, given how we're down to two championship contenders.

PositionDriver                 KPI1Donny Schatz0.0002Kyle Larson-3.8653Lance Dewease-9.7864Brad Sweet-23.3985David Gravel-33.7876Jason Johnson-43.3047Kerry Madsen-43.5298Carson Macedo-43.6359Aaron Reutzel-43.89410Daryn Pittman-44.47711Christopher Bell-45.86712Sheldon Haudenschild-46.43013Shane Stewart-49.13314Greg Hodnett-50.76115Tim Shaffer-51.35016Jason Meyers-51.49017Danny Dietrich-5…