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KPIs Through July 29

We reach that part of the schedule that is both exciting (360 Nationals and Nationals) and at the same time disappointing (few 410 races elsewhere) - though Mansfield is paying $20k to win during the Nationals. Twelve days from now, we'll know who the champion is ... and then the slow erosion of summer takes over as the season begins to wind down.
Here, then, are the "Great 48" through July 29.
PositionDriver                  KPI1Donny Schatz0.0002Kyle Larson-10.2473Lance Dewease-12.4324Brad Sweet-28.1785David Gravel-36.7336Aaron Reutzel-44.4617Daryn Pittman-45.8428Jason Johnson-45.9769Kerry Madsen-46.03510Carson Macedo-47.90911Sheldon Haudenschild-48.09112Christopher Bell-48.56313Danny Dietrich-51.55914Shane Stewart-51.64415Greg Hodnett-53.39316Tim Shaffer-53.42717Jason Meyers-54.05218Freddie Rahmer-54.95519Chad Kemenah-55.79620Andrew Palker-57.410

KPIs Through July 21

The season is five-and-a-half months old, and three weeks from now we'll be past Knoxville and well on our way down the home stretch. This week the World of Outlaws head to New York State while the All Stars visit Wisconsin / Minnesota / Iowa.
Only three drivers have a realistic chance of winning our National Championship ... with Knoxville largely determining whether the championship chase will be compelling in September and October.
PositionDriverKPI1Donny Schatz0.0002Kyle Larson-12.3333Lance Dewease-14.5994Brad Sweet-30.5355David Gravel-40.4196Aaron Reutzel-45.4677Daryn Pittman-46.5658Carson Macedo-47.9649Jason Johnson-48.22310Christopher Bell-50.65111Sheldon Haudenschild-50.88212Shane Stewart-52.76713Danny Dietrich-53.69414Kerry Madsen-54.30915Tim Shaffer-54.80116Greg Hodnett-55.59617Jason Meyers-55.85018Tim Kaeding-57.01519Freddie Rahmer-57.150

KPIs Through July 14

Here are the updated standings after the King's Royal.

1Donny Schatz0.0002Kyle Larson-19.7333Lance Dewease-26.1894Brad Sweet-30.9005David Gravel-42.6256Daryn Pittman-48.0697Jason Johnson-49.9188Carson Macedo-50.4169Sheldon Haudenschild-50.96910Aaron Reutzel-52.37911Shane Stewart-53.15012Christopher Bell-53.94013Danny Dietrich-55.91814Kerry Madsen-55.99015Tim Shaffer-56.02116Jason Meyers-57.63017Tim Kaeding-58.64818Greg Hodnett-59.38419Chad Kemenah-59.80520Paul McMahan-60.98021Logan Schuchart-60.99522Joey Saldana-61.564