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KPIs Through June 28

Following a sad five days, please review the latest KPIs for the Winged National Sprint Car Championship.
PositionDriverKPI1Donny Schatz200.000 2Lance Dewease180.802 3Kyle Larson175.278 4Brad Sweet172.531 5Christopher Bell167.608 6Daryn Pittman160.814 7David Gravel159.375 8Carson Macedo158.171 9Aaron Reutzel154.892 10Sheldon Haudenschild154.686 11Jason Johnson153.987 12Shane Stewart150.188 13Tim Shaffer148.942 14Jason Meyers146.540 15Chad Kemenah146.386 16Tim Kaeding145.600 17Logan Schuchart145.478 18Kerry Madsen145.216 19Cale Thomas

KPIs Through June 20

Half of Ohio Speedweek is in the books ... and with the increase in race coverage I now require a driver to have raced three times to be counted in our standings.
The top of the standings are absolutely loaded with quality, don't you think?
PositionDriver                KPI 1Donny Schatz200.0002Christopher Bell182.4113Lance Dewease178.4144Kyle Larson173.4455Brad Sweet170.8396David Gravel158.6137Daryn Pittman156.2218Carson Macedo155.7929Aaron Reutzel154.49510Sheldon Haudenschild153.37711Jason Johnson153.35712Cale Thomas152.14413Tim Shaffer147.42014Shane Stewart146.80615Jason Meyers144.88916Logan Schuchart144.22517Tim Kaeding143.97118Kerry Madsen143.35819Paul McMahan143.14020Joey Saldana142.46621

KPIs Through June 11

Carson Macedo is the big mover this week, following two-of-three All Star wins. Jason Johnson moves up from 16th to 9th with two-of-three at Jackson Speedway.
PositionDriverKPI1Donny Schatz200.0 2Lance Dewease178.6 3Christopher Bell174.4 4Brad Sweet169.5 5David Gravel160.4 6Carson Macedo159.2 7Cale Thomas158.8 8Aaron Reutzel156.5 9Jason Johnson156.3 10Anthony Macri155.8 11Sheldon Haudenschild155.6 12Chad Trout155.6 13Daryn Pittman154.1 14Tim Shaffer152.0 15Kyle Larson150.5 16Shane Stewart147.9 17Logan Schuchart146.0 18Jason Meyers145.9 19Tim Kaeding144.9 20Chad Kemenah144.1 21Joey Saldana143.0 22

KPI's on June 5

Brent Marks moves up to 36th place, and Aaron Reutzel moves up two spots to sixth place with a nice win.

PositionDriverKPI1Donny Schatz200.02Lance Dewease174.33Christopher Bell169.44Brad Sweet166.15David Gravel157.26Aaron Reutzel156.57Cale Thomas153.98Anthony Macri151.49Chad Trout151.310Sheldon Haudenschild150.011Daryn Pittman148.612Tim Shaffer147.213Carson Macedo146.114Shane Stewart145.115Tim Kaeding142.416Jason Johnson141.617Logan Schuchart141.618Kyle Larson140.919Jason Meyers140.720Chad Kemenah139.521Kerry Madsen138.822Joey Saldana