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KPIs on May 31

We head into a big (and hopefully rain-free) weekend for both the All-Stars and the World of Outlaws. Will Donny Schatz slip (unlikely)? We'll find out.


Christopher Bell wins an All-Stars race and moves into 3rd place.Sheldon Haudenschild drops two spots to 8th.Kyle Larson drops six spots to 18th.Shane Steward moves up 4 spots to 15th.Aaron Reutzel drops 3 spots to 7th.Craig Mintz drops 10 spots to 24th.

PositionDriverKPI1Donny Schatz200.0002Lance Dewease168.9903Christopher Bell163.9904Brad Sweet161.0005David Gravel148.4356Cale Thomas148.4047Aaron Reutzel147.0468Sheldon Haudenschild146.5669Anthony Macri145.98510Chad Trout145.83711Daryn Pittman142.38112Carson Macedo142.04613Tim Shaffer140.65214Jason Johnson138.23615Shane Stewart138.13016Logan Schuchart137.92317Tim Kaeding136.95718Kyle Larson135.54019Chad Kemenah135.30820

KPIs Through May 13

Donny Schatz wins two out of three WoO races this weekend and absolutely puts a stranglehold on the 410 Winged National Sprint Car Championship.
A few key movers: David Gravel's Sunday win moves him from 10th place to 5th place.Daryn Pittman falls from 7th place to 11th place.Kyle Larson moves from 24th place to 12th place.Logan Schuchart parlays a pair of 2nd place finishes to move from 22nd place to 15th place.Hunter Schuerenberg's second place finish on Sunday night moves him into the B-Main, in 28th place.The final four places in the A-Main are Mike Wagner, Dominic Scelzi, Joey Saldana, and Jac Haudenschild.The first four places in the B-Main belong to Dylan Cisney, Cory Eliason, Brian Brown, and Hunter Schuerenberg.This coming week is a really big week. The All Stars race in Wisconsin with the IRA.The World of Outlaws race three times in PA ... so our PA drivers are going to earn a credible evaluation after this weekend.
PositionDriverKPI1Donny Schatz200.000 2Lance Dewease170…

KPI's Through May 5

Schatz / Sweet / Reutzel wins this week cause all three drivers to improve their standing within the A-Main of our standings.
As we head into June, business will begin to pick up. Next weekend the All Stars are off, while the World of Outlaws race a pair of dates at Eldora.

PositionDriverKPI1Donny Schatz200.0002Lance Dewease172.4523Brad Sweet163.7784Aaron Reutzel162.2315Sheldon Haudenschild156.3956Carson Macedo151.9777Daryn Pittman150.5158Anthony Macri150.4849Chad Trout150.17510David Gravel150.16711Tim Shaffer149.55412Jason Johnson145.40013Chad Kemenah143.63714Tim Kaeding141.95615Shane Stewart141.66716Craig Mintz140.99417Jason Meyers139.87618Kerry Madsen137.84619Cory Eliason136.27820Mike Wagner135.792