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KPIs Through April 28

A big race in Ohio and a Donny Schatz win in Texas leave us with a new leader. Tim Shaffer moves from 17th to 6th place with his $100,000 win on Saturday night.
Positions 1-24 are our "A-Main". Positions 25-48 are our "B-Main".

PositionDriver              KPI1Donny Schatz200.000 2Lance Dewease174.550 3Brad Sweet163.000 4Sheldon Haudenschild162.009 5Aaron Reutzel157.496 6Tim Shaffer153.610 7Daryn Pittman153.220 8Anthony Macri152.447 9Chad Trout152.149 10Carson Macedo150.518 11David Gravel150.500 12Jason Johnson150.025 13Chad Kemenah149.345 14Shane Stewart144.625 15Tim Kaeding143.890 16Craig Mintz143.274 17Jason Meyers141.883 18

New Structure for KPI Calculation

Sure I've changed how drivers are ranked ... several times now ... and for good reason!
Early feedback from the Hoseheads forum was beneficial. However, it turns out (mathematically) that what a driver does in a state-centric touring series or at a local track has minimal impact on the overall standings. Think of it this way ... in college basketball, what happens in the Horizon League has minimal impact on the RPI of a team in the Big East.
Given that fact, I've pared back the races that count for KPI calculation: World of Outlaws Races.All Stars (which includes Ohio Speedweek).Knoxville Nationals and Capitani Classic.Pennsylvania Speedweek.Mansfield Sprint Car World Championship.Other Major Events per Audience Recommendation.That's what we're doing.
Going forward, we'll categorize drivers into two buckets. A-Main = Top 24 Ranked Drivers.B-Main = Drivers 25-48.Using this format, there are 19 races currently eligible. Here is the current "A-Main":


KPIs Through April 22

We had a pair of WoO events and All Star events over the weekend ... not to mention some King of the West action, MOWA, touring series in Ohio, and PA weekly races. As a result, the rankings shifted a bit.
Wins by Scotty Thiel and Brandon Wimmer have them placed in the Top 24 ... as the season progresses and race coverage increases, KPIs will stabilize considerably. Until then, enjoy the chaos ... the WoO is not racing enough to give their drivers an advantage in the standings.
Austin McCarl's win at Knoxville moves him into 25th place, just outside of the Coveted Top 24. Tim Kaeding's King of the West win moves him into 24th place. Kyle Hirst's King of the West win moves him into 31st place.
Rico Abreu is currently in 56th place ... no change from last week.

PositionDriverKPI1Lance Dewease200.0002Donny Schatz153.1693Brandon Wimmer125.9894Sheldon Haudenschild115.7605Stuart Brubaker114.9076Brock Zearfoss109.4067Brad Sweet107.0928Kyle Moody105.3809Dylan Cisney104.54910Jac Hauden…