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KPI Through March 24 / Bakersfield

Sheldon Haudenschild inches closer to Donny Schatz with another impressive win tonight in Bakersfield.
Standings will begin to update furiously in two weeks, following the Easter break. In the mean time, there are movers in the standings, with Jason Johnson moving up a few spots. Joey Saldana gained five positions this week. Shane Stewart jumped from 14th to 9th.
1Donny Schatz200.0002Sheldon Haudenschild164.9603Brad Sweet151.2004Chad Kemenah149.5465Jason Johnson144.9846Aaron Reutzel144.2237Carson Macedo142.0948Cory Eliason138.3009Shane Stewart138.00010David Gravel137.50011Kerry Madsen136.52012Tim Kaeding133.42813Tim Shaffer132.34414Jason Meyers131.74715Kyle Larson127.84516Dominic Scelzi127.02317Tony Stewart125.96818Ian Madsen125.58019Daryn

KPIs Through March 17

Cory Eliason moves from 16th to 8th with a big win tonight in Stockton.

1 Donny Schatz 200.0002 Sheldon Haudenschild 150.9143 Brad Sweet 147.2224 Aaron Reutzel 144.6645 Chad Kemenah 141.9146 Carson Macedo 140.2967 Jason Johnson 135.2938 Cory Eliason 133.1119 David Gravel 131.88910 Tim Kaeding 130.29611 Kerry Madsen 129.03712 Tim Shaffer 126.58013 Jason Meyers 124.85314 Shane Stewart 124.44415 Dominic Scelzi 123.41416 Kyle Larson 120.33217 Tony Stewart 118.25518 Paul McMahan 117.66419 Brian Brown 117.33320 Daryn Pittman 116.88921 Ian Madsen 116.85222 Mark Smith 115.65523 Willie Croft 114.41424 Logan Schuchart 113.81325 Sam Hafertepe Jr. 113.53126 Greg Hodnett 111.665

We're Doing All The Series Now!

Ok, once Aaron Reutzel won and his race wasn't in my series, I decided that all races had to be in the series!

World of OutlawsAll StarsKing of the WestIRAMOWAKnoxvillePennsylvania SpeedweekYes, I understand that there are other 410 races, and if you want to forward them to me because you feel like they should be included, send 'em along (
But these are the series I will include ... and Knoxville because it is Knoxville, ok?
As of March 11, 2018 ... here are the current Standings. Once we get into April and May, I will begin excluding drivers with one/two appearances.

Rank Driver        KPI1  Donny Schatz 200.0 2  Aaron Reutzel 145.6 3  Sheldon Haudenschild 143.4 4  Brad Sweet 140.4 5  Chad Kemenah 131.5 6  Jason Johnson 125.5 7  Carson Macedo 124.7 8  David Gravel 122.5 9  Kerry Madsen 118.6 10  Tim Shaffer 117.9 11  Tim Kaeding 114.7 12  Jason Meyers 114.2 13  Dominic Scelzi 111.6 14  Kyle Larson