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KPI Through Race #3

Donny Schatz takes his rightful place atop the Winged 410 National Sprint Car Championship, following his win this evening. The WoO event was the first "Crossover Race" of the 2018 season. Crossover races are important because they pit drivers from different series against each other, allowing the KPI methodology to more accurately measure how different drivers/teams stack up against each other.
Top 10 KPI Scores: Donny Schatz.Brad Sweet.Sheldon Haudenschild.Tim Shaffer.Kerry Madsen.Jason Johnson.Shane Stewart.Chad Kemenah.Brian Brown.David Gravel.The full list of 50+ drivers can be downloaded here.
The next official race in our 78 event series is at the Cotton Bowl Speedway on February 23 (click here).

KPI Through Race #2

The first two races that will determine the 410 Winged Sprint Car National Champion have been completed. KPIs (Kevin's Performance Indicator(s)) have been calculated. KPIs will become interesting after the first "Crossover Race" of the year (next weekend, World of Outlaws) has been completed. Tim Shaffer = 200.0 KPI.Kerry Madsen = 197.5.Sheldon Haudenschild = 182.0Chad Kemenah = 152.5Mark Smith = 149.0Paul McMahon = 140.0Parker Price-Miller = 135.5Coleman Gulick = 135.0Greg Hodnett = 133.5Danny Dietrich = 130.5Tony Stewart = 128.5Tyler Clem = 128.5Rico Abreu = 126.0Lucas Wolfe = 124.5Cale Conley = 122.5Steve Buckwalter = 122.5Max Stambaugh = 122.0Carson Short = 119.5Dave Blaney = 116.5Danny Smith = 116.0John Garvin = 115.5Trevor Baker = 115.5Caleb Helms = 110.0Anthony Fiore = 109.5Trey Starks = 107.5