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Championship Standings Through 8/11/2019

With Brad Sweet and Donny Schatz each dealing with their own problems, Brad Sweet inches closer to a title. David Gravel moves within shouting distance of the top, but will need to win several additional races to have a chance to win it all.
1Brad Sweet100.0002Donny Schatz98.8503David Gravel97.6404Daryn Pittman93.9205Lance Dewease93.7116Logan Schuchart91.4987Shane Stewart87.2488Kyle Larson86.6919Carson Macedo86.24510Giovanni Scelzi86.20111Ian Madsen85.53012Christopher Bell84.66013Sheldon Haudenschild84.08214James McFadden82.56615Kerry Madsen82.44016Aaron Reutzel82.10917Ryan Smith81.60818Rico Abreu81.446

Championship Standings Through 8/4/2019

This week (Knoxville Nationals) will go a long way toward determining our Champion. Things have gotten very tight at the top of the standings, with Brad Sweet clinging to an increasingly small lead.
1Brad Sweet100.0002Donny Schatz99.4173Lance Dewease98.0304David Gravel97.1465Daryn Pittman93.8966Logan Schuchart92.0017Kyle Larson90.1048Shane Stewart88.0799Carson Macedo86.80210Giovanni Scelzi86.50811Ian Madsen86.00012Christopher Bell84.97313Sheldon Haudenschild83.66214Ryan Smith82.51415Kerry Madsen82.20516Aaron Reutzel81.46617Brent Marks81.33318Tim Shaffer81.08319Rico Abreu80.96420James McFadden80.61421Dale Blaney79.48922

Championship Standings Through 7/21/2019

The title inches just a bit closer toward Brad Sweet this week, because time is starting to run out. However, Donny Schatz earned a win this weekend, moving him closer to the title. Sheldon Haudenschild moved up four spots / Aaron Reutzel moved down four spots.

1Brad Sweet100.0002Donny Schatz98.9073Lance Dewease97.3874David Gravel96.7445Daryn Pittman94.3026Logan Schuchart92.3467Kyle Larson88.6378Shane Stewart88.4779Carson Macedo87.41910Ian Madsen86.09311Giovanni Scelzi85.23312Christopher Bell84.04013Ryan Smith82.38714Sheldon Haudenschild81.97415Kerry Madsen81.77916Aaron Reutzel81.53617Brent Marks80.69818Tim Shaffer80.47119

Championship Standings Through 7/10/2019

Will Donny Schatz make a rally? It usually happens in July and August. Well, now is as good a time as any!!

1Brad Sweet100.0002Lance Dewease98.6413Donny Schatz98.1624David Gravel95.8655Daryn Pittman95.6496Logan Schuchart91.3847Kyle Larson91.0258Shane Stewart89.6349Carson Macedo87.87910Ian Madsen87.13511Giovanni Scelzi86.65112Aaron Reutzel85.88513Christopher Bell85.48214Ryan Smith83.81715Tim Shaffer83.46016Kerry Madsen83.26017Lucas Wolfe82.43318Sheldon Haudenschild82.29019James McFadden81.72220Dale Blaney81.63921Brent Marks79.83822Tim Kaeding

Championship Standings Through 6/30/2019

Results from the weekend deliver a new second place driver!! Brad Sweet begins to extend his lead as well.

1Brad Sweet100.0002Lance Dewease97.5763Donny Schatz97.4414Daryn Pittman95.7355David Gravel95.0596Logan Schuchart90.7467Kyle Larson90.2988Shane Stewart89.0979Carson Macedo87.21710Ian Madsen86.82411Giovanni Scelzi85.72712Aaron Reutzel85.15113Christopher Bell84.55414Tim Shaffer83.19315Freddie Rahmer83.01616Ryan Smith82.88017Lucas Wolfe81.62118Kerry Madsen81.60019Dale Blaney81.05320Sheldon Haudenschild80.77221James McFadden80.73722